Prepared Images

for Laser Engraving

What offers

As a creator of ImagR we always get the question how the image before engraving and the original looked like.
We thought it's a good idea to create this page. On this page you can download the prepared images, the originals and check our engraving results.
The page is completely free, to finance the page we'll run Google adsense.
You can sort the images with the filter system we created, therefore you can also test basically all ImagR Algorithms for free.
This should help you to decide if ImagR is worth it, and you can buy it then on DesignGecko - if you enjoy it.
It was way more work to create this page than expected, but I think it was worth it.

So share it, and have fun!

How it works:

Navigate to Images in the top menu.
Use the filter system we developed to search for Algorithms, DPI, Categories etc.
It will only show available options as soon as you've chosen any filter value.
(Means, it won't show for example the category "cars" if there aren't available with the DPI you chose before.)
Next, click on the image you want to download or visit.
You will get redirected to the image page with all the options:

The rest should be pretty obvious, if there are any questions please message us on facebook: